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Currently SEDISA operates a number of energy production facilities owned by others, taking care of both the functional aspect (operation and maintenance) and the administrative and legal.

SEDISA performs feasibility studies in industrial facilities to implement energy saving processes based on the use of alternative fuels, the introduction of more efficient systems or changes on the habits of production.

SEDISA, designs and erects any type of industrial installation, from the stage of pre-feasibility study to commissioning.

SEDlSA conducts environmental studies and the necessary procedures for obtaining Integrated Environmental Authorizations(IPPC).

project 1

Bubal hydroelectric plant

ClientMinicentrales Hidroeléctricas de Galicia

Flowing hydroelectric plant, with a 4.5 MW Pelton turbine. Located at A Peroxa (Orense).

project 22


ClientTableros Hispanos S.L.U.

Modification of thermal energy utilizations of cogeneration plant for fiber board factory. Located in Nadela (Lugo)

project 2

Río de Mel hydroelectric plant

ClientIP Hidroenergias, lda.

Flowing hydroelectric plant, with one Crossflow turbine, 1,2 MW power. Located at São Pedro do Sul (Portugal).

project 21

Ponteliñares hydroelectric plant 3rd turbine


Installation of a third turbine at the Ponteliñares hydroelectric power plant (Orense) for use of low flow rates.

project 2

La Fernandina hydroelectric plant

ClientMicrocentrales de Andalucía, s.a.

Hydroelectric plant, with a 7.0 MW Francis turbine. Located at La Fernandina dam (Jaen)

project 3

GENSABóN cogeneration plant

ClientLeyma, Alimentos de Galicia

Cogeneration plant with four natural gas engines of 3,65 MWe, recovery boilers for steam production, and ammonia absorption for chilled water production.

project 4

SABONDEL cogeneration plant

ClientINOSA, Industrias del Noroeste, s.a.

Cogeneration plant with four natural gas engines of 1,00 MWe and recovery boilers for steam production.

project 5

Treatment plant for hydrocarbon-water mixtures

ClientProtección Medio Ambental, s.l. (PMA)

For PMA we have designed and built a plant for the separation of hydrocarbons in water, for the treatment of contaminated water from gas stations, bilge discharges, etc.

project 6

Petroleum coke processing facilities


For REPSOL we design and build at Sabón (La Coruña), a plant for processing of petroleum coke from refinery, including drying, grinding, classification and storage.

project 7

Sulfur processing facilities


At Puertollano refinery (Ciudad Real) we design and build a facility for the processing of sulfur by-product in the refining of petroleum.

project 8

Solar grade silicon pilot production facilities

ClientFerroAtlantica I+D

For Ferroatlantica in their facilities at Sabón (La Coruña), among other works, we have built a pilot plant for the production of solar grade silicon used in the manufacture of photovoltaic panels.

project 9

Ponteliñares hydroelectric plant


Flowing hydroelectric plant, with two Francis turbines and a total 5 MW power. Located at Limia river (Orense)

project 10

Integrated pollution prevention and control(IPPC)

ClientCaleras San Cucao

For Caleras San Cucao we have developed multiple projects, most notably the drafting and management of its Integrated pollution prevention and control plan (IPPC), including extensions and technical projects for fuel switching in the furnace.

project 10

Biomass plant

ClientBioenergética Egabrense

We have designed, built and operated a biomass generation plant in Cabra (Cordoba) with a power 8MWe, using waste (orujillo) from the extraction of olive oil.

project 10

Orujillo drying plant

ClientBioenergética Egabrense

Also in Cabra (Cordoba), we have designed, built and operated an "orujillo" drying plant with a cogeneration of 13MWe powered by a gas turbine and all associated ancillary facilities, liquefied natural gas, 132 kV substation, water sypply, etc.

project 11

Papelera de Brandia

ClientPapelera de Brandia.

We conducted an audit report for the analysis of the economic damage caused by legislative changes at Papelera de Brandia (Santiago de Compostela).

project 11

Wind farm La Muela

ClientEscuela Universitaria Politécnica de La Almunia.

We have made many expert reports, including recent analysis of the economic damage caused by legislative changes in the wind farm operated by the Polytechnic School of La Almunia at Zaragoza.

project 11

Manufacturing facility for heat accumulation bricks.


Design and construction of a plant for the use of the red mud from bauxite processing at ALCOA aluminiun plant, the installation allows the manufacture of bricks for thermal storage inerting an hazardous waste.

project 12

Integrated pollution prevention and control (IPPC)

ClientProtección Medio Ambental,s.l.(PMA)

We have prepared and managed the IPPC process for all PMA plants, including its recovery plant, waste transfer center, used tires (NFU's) processing installation, plastics recovery plant and oil filters and containers recovering facilities.

project 13

Integrated pollution prevention and control (IPPC)

ClientBioenergética Egabrense

We have prepared and managed the IPPC project for all Bioenergetica Egabrense installations, including drying plant, biomass generation plant, Liquefied Natural Gas storage 132 kV substation and line, ancillary facilities, etc.

project 14

Wastewater management

ClientTafiber (Betanzos)

For Tafiber, a company dedicated to the manufacture of fibreboard, we have developed several projects for the reduction and management of wastewater, including combustion and condensation installations, decantation, as well as the design and project management of its submarine outfall in Betanzos estuary.

project 13

Navallar hydroelectric plant

ClientCanal de Isabel II

For the company Canal de Isabel II we have carried out the rehabilitation project of Navallar hydroelectric plant.

project 14

Torrelaguna hydroelectric plant

ClientCanal de Isabel II

For the company Canal de Isabel II we have carried out the project for installation of a new turbine Pelton at the historic Torrelaguna hydro plant.

project 14

Gorgol hydroelectric plant


For the company Hidrosca we designed and built in the Huesca Pyrenees the Gorgol hydroelectric plant with a 4 MW Pelton turbine.

project 23

Hydroelectric plant Pisões

ClientIP Hidroenergias Pisões Lda

For IP Hidroenergias Pisões Lda we build and operate the Pisões hydroelectric power plant with a 1 MW Pelton turbine near Amarante (Portugal).

project 24

Santiso Photovoltaic plant

ClientHidroeléctrica Lumymey SL

For the company Hidroeléctrica Lumymey we designed and built in Santiso (La Coruña) a solar photovoltaic installation of 100 kW.

project 25

Hydroelectric plants MCT

ClienteMancomunidad de los Canales del Taibilla

For the public company Mancomunidad de los Canales del Taibilla we have managed for several years the maintenance of its hydroelectric power plants, three Pelton groups and one Perga with a combined power of 1 MW.

  • project 23


    Hydroelectric plant

  • project 24


    Photovoltaic plant

  • project 24

    Canales del Taibilla

    Hydroelectric plants

  • project 1

    Río de Mel

    Hydroelectric plant

  • project 21

    Ampliación Ponteliñares

    Hydroelectric plant

  • project 22

    Tableros Hispanos

    Cogeneration plant

  • project 1


    Hydroelectric plant

  • project 2

    La Fernandina

    Hydroelectric plant

  • project 3



  • project 4



  • project 5

    Protección Medio Ambental (PMA)

    Hydrocarbon-water mix treatment

  • project 6


    Petroleum coke facilities

  • project 7


    Sulfur facilities

  • project 8


    Solar grade silicon facilities

  • project 9


    Hydroelectric plant

  • project 10

    Caleras San Cucao

    Integrated Pollution Prevention & Control

  • project 11

    Bioenergetica Egabrense

    Biomass generation plant

  • project 12

    Bioenergetica Egabrense

    Orujillo drying facilities

  • project 13

    Papelera de Brandia


  • project 14

    Wind farm La Muela


  • project 15


    Red mud recovery plant

  • project 16

    Protección Medio Ambental (PMA)

    Integrated Pollution Prevention & Control

  • project 17

    Bioenergética Egabrense

    Integrated Pollution Prevention & Control

  • project 18


    Wastewater management

  • project 19

    Canal de Isabel II

    Navallar hydro rehabilitation

  • project 20

    Canal de Isabel II

    Torrelaguna hydro rehabilitation

  • project 21


    Hydroelectric plant

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